What Improvements Increase a Home’s Value?

Remodeling, improving and renovating your home are great ways to give it a makeover.   But what improvements increase a home’s value?   Yes, did you know that certain improvements could also increase your property’s future price?   So before selling, check on the following improvements to think about today.

What Improvements Increase a Home’s Value

What Improvements Increase a Home’s Value

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It can create a greater home functionality not just adding to its resale value, but where can you add it?  It can be in a small space in the basement or in the hallway.

Adding a bathroom could result to a potential higher return on investment.  However, you don’t have to start over and spend a fortune for this makeover.

In fact, you can just update the bathroom tile or consider subway tiles that will add a classic look and improve the appeal of the bathroom.

You might also consider a minor remodel. For example, you can apply fresh coat of paint or get rid of any dated wall coverings. You can also use spray on texture to give that quick coverage. In addition, you can get rid of old shower doors or replace them for space illusion.


Tile floors and hardwood will add warmth to your home, ensuring a return on investment.  Tile floors, laminate and hardwood are also easier to clean than carpets are and work well even for people with allergies.

In the sale of your home, hardwood floor finish can make a huge difference although it takes effort and time.

On the cost average, refinishing with hardwood floors could be around $2,500, a costly home improvement project. However, they also last longer and improve the resale value of your home.

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Many owners also revealed having a great desire of spending time indoors once done with their floor project, indicating that the renovation could make potential buyers interested as well.

Hardwood floor also has a project recovery value of 100%, according to a NAR report.  It means that 100% of the total project cost could be recovered when the home is sold.

What Improvements Increase a Home’s Value

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It is one of the simplest and most affordable home improvements to make. You can just apply fresh paint to make the rooms in your home updated and look clean.  Neutrals are still the best choice because they’re loved by most people. They also make your home look more desirable.

New Wood Flooring

If you want to improve the resale value of your home, consider adding wood floors because buyers just love them.     They can make your home look clean, cozy and modern.

By installing new wood floors, you can make your home worth more.   While the installation can cost up to $5,500, it can pay off.  Based on a NAR report, the type of project has a recovery value of almost 91%.

Living Area

Many buyers would love the maximum living space. To achieve it, you can consider converting your basement into a living space, adding square footage but without building anything into your house.  While basement upgrades can be a costly project, they possess a 69% recovery value.

Basements create storage for your family, but they can look scary for buyers.  You can consider converting it to make a playroom, office or a guest room for potential buyers.


An excellent kitchen can persuade buyers and attract them to buy your home.

It is every home’s heart because it is where you’re spending most of your time preparing meals and enjoying celebrations. A kitchen makeover is a great move because it can attract potential buyers.

If you’re looking to improve the resale value of your home, you might want to consider a full kitchen renovation, but it can be very expensive. You can also think of replacing or upgrading appliances.


This part is certainly not the most pleasing upgrade to make, but it is crucial if you want to up the value of your home.

Based on a NAR report, insulation has a recovery value of 95%. It can make not only a comfortable living space but also results to a more energy efficient home.

By upgrading it,   buyers will think that your home is reliable because they don’t have to worry about added energy costs.

Other tips

  • Retro or modern design is a trend, so you can add some of these elements for a trendy home design. For example, you can hang an antique barn door to replace your closet door.
  • You might also want to update lighting fixtures.
  • Do a wall in brick tiles or wood to add appeal.

Are you ready to apply the home improvements that add resale value to your home?

If you need more help, you can invite a real estate agent to check your home and offer some advice and suggestions. Finally, determine your budget, spend time thinking about the improvements, and get started with the project.

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