VA-Friendly Real Estate Agent:  Why Choose A Real Estate Agent For Veteran Homebuyers

If you’re a veteran in Maryland and trying to buy a home, you should find a real estate agent specializing in your local area and with knowledge to guide you in the entire buying process. But why do you need a real estate agent for veteran homebuyers?

You know that the home buying process isn’t that easy. It is full of turns and twists that you might not see coming without help from a knowledgeable real estate agent.

The truth is that even if you’re using a veteran loan and you have the unique benefits of having one, you can still meet obstacles along the way. But a specialist real estate agent can help you solve those.

real estate agent for veteran homebuyers

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Why Choose a VA-Friendly Real Estate Agent in Maryland

An agent with the experience in navigating the entire process can help you to level the edges of the entire journey to the home buying road.  He or she can help with the pre-approval to the closing because he is knowledgeable in this area, being able to remove any roadblocks you will meet along the way to buy your dream home.  Check put the following for why you should choose a real estate agent for veteran homebuyers.

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Knowledge on the appraisal

Your real estate agent must know the entire veteran appraisal process.  The expert can guide and help you understand certain things, such as doing remodeling or repairs to the home when needed to make it VA-friendly.

Some things like replacing a worn roof and electrical systems as well as making adjustments so that the home will be veteran-friendly may be needed. However, this property to buy should also qualify for the VA-designated property requirements before qualifying for the Veterans Affairs Loan.

real estate agent for veteran homebuyers

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A specializing real estate agent can spot the red flags, which should be resolved or addressed before getting a VA loan closed. Some examples include rotten exterior, missing plumbing or lighting fixtures, damaged tiles and broken windowpanes.

He/she can tell you upfront if the home won’t make it to the appraisal. That is why you need to find a local real estate agent in MD that can guide you all the way, including on the VA appraisal.

He or she is not only focused on finding a property with the bells and whistles but also knows how to detect the red flags of a property that won’t pass this strict VA appraisal. In short, he or she can help you keep the deal moving because he or she knows what repairs to be done in the property.

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Knowledge on your unique needs

This agent understands and knows the needs of service members and veterans. Given that an agent should know about price range, number of bedrooms, square meter or square footage and school district, he must know more than these things.

Veterans have their unique needs to address when trying to buy a home in Maryland. The real estate agent knows what kind of home will fit your specific situation.

For example, if you were a disabled veteran, your agent can find specific grants as well as a property with great veteran-friendly renovations and features.   With that said, the agent can find a property that can make you life easier. He or she can find a home without barriers for your specific needs and situation.

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Otherwise, the agent might not be as careful and committed to recognizing and attending to these requirements when choosing a home for you. But if you will be able to find a specialist real estate agent for veterans and service members, you can be certain that the both of you can work together to overcome any obstacles to meet along the way of finding your dream home.

Finding the right lender

An agent specializing in military member or veteran homebuyers can also find good lenders to help you buy your dream home.  There are lenders, but many have insufficient experience so they do not understand the specific documentation or special circumstances.   But with an agent by your side, you can find the right lender and avoid traditional mortgage lenders who do not understand some nuance about loan requirements for veterans and service members.

Fast and short buying/selling timeline

Do you need to relocate or move out fast?     If you’re an active duty service member, you know that you might even have to relocate more often. And that means, the real estate agent for veteran homebuyers should anticipate tight timelines in the process.

He or she can streamline it if you have to move to the area fast. Sometimes, the agent might also take you to a home tour via a video or Skype, too, making you end up buying a property unseen personally.

It happens because many veteran or service member buyers do not have the time of touring the home in person, making them feel stressed. But the real estate agent who’s used to this kind of situation can adjust and become his/her client’s eyes when choosing a new home.

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There you have the top four reasons to choose a VA-friendly real estate agent in Maryland to help you find your dream home, with the specific features to address your unique needs.

So if you’re trying to buy a home in Maryland and you’re an active or former service member, select an experienced real estate agent for veteran homebuyers in Maryland for a smoother, faster and easier home buying process today!