Things to Do Before Gutting a Home

You have one shot at gutting a home right the first time. Before starting, you must be able to think about its impact to your relationships, finances and belongings. Keep in mind that there is no going back once the project has started.  That is the exact same reason to think about how you are going to deal with the things that you are going to meet along the way when renovating your home.

What to Remember Before Gutting a Home

Gutting a home is a big project to undertake. You have to ensure that you’re ready for it, along with the plans and measurements. First, ask yourself if you’re ready for the change because it will take a lot of work.  When done right, a home remodeling is rewarding.

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Consider your space

Check if you have enough space in your kitchen and bathroom.

Remember that this can make or break your home. For example, you can install fixtures, countertops and flooring, but make sure that you will do it right.  So before gutting a home and moving the walls, you must first triple check for the correct measurements.

Before buying a tub or changing a wall, you should draw out your space using correct measurements including of the appliances.  You should also consider enough room for the doors, and make sure that you can open and close them without any difficulty. Take note that doing so will be more cost-effective and easier before knocking down a wall or buying new appliances.

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Know what things are selling houses in your location

If you’re trying to sell your home, you should only invest on the changes that would help you increase its selling price.  You should also consider making those changes that improve your home’s curb appeal to sell it faster. In short, you must ensure that you’re not wasting money on unnecessary changes.

Don’t forget an inspection in the foundation and structure of your home

As important as taking exact and correct measurements is an inspection. You should check for any hidden problems beneath the surface. For one, you won’t want to spend for a new flooring installation just to end up ruining it to fix any foundation or structural issues.

To fix any structural issues is expensive and requires a vast knowledge in dealing with it, so you might have to hire an expert for it.   If not, your DIY efforts could lead to more spending than you have envisioned from the very beginning.

To inspect the foundation or structure of your home is important especially if it had been flooded or if it had pest issues.

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Get help from professional home remodeling experts

Shop around for their help earlier before you would even need them so that you can look for the best of them instead of hiring a professional with average reviews or experience.  So before gutting your home, you should do your homework to locate the expert that will be able to help with your project needs and suit your budget.

Tip: You must find a plumber or electrician before the project starts.  Even if you can handle small tasks, you will also need their help when the gutting begins.   Especially if you don’t have much experience, you should not deal with the heavy and complicated plumbing and electrical repairs needed in and around your home.

You will also need an experienced home inspector, who specializes on the remodeling of the same home type, location, design and age. With expert help, you can be sure that he or she has the experience in dealing with any problems that others might not see.

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Research and talk to real estate agents in your location. You can also tour the properties for sale in your area.

  • Are the homebuyers in your location looking for large bathrooms or large doors and windows?
  • Are they buying according to the flooring or roofing?

Once you have identified those things that buyers in your area are considering when buying a home, you can add them in planning for the renovation.

Consider the appliances and features when planning for a room size.   Note that not all people are ready to compromise on the space.  No one would also like to live in a home with a cramped bathroom or too low ceiling.  Otherwise, mistakes on these things will turn off homebuyers. To prevent it from happening, you can measure the space accurately before starting the project.

Remember that gutting a home is a big project to undertake. Make sure that everything is ready before making changes – plan, budget, remodeling expert and so on.   Also, consider your goals – are you looking to sell your home and want to increase its value and sale price?   Finally, consider hiring a remodeling expert and other professionals that will help you realize your goals.

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