Things to Avoid When Remodeling a Bathroom

Remodeling a bathroom is one of the costliest home changes in the US. Did you know that the average cost for remodeling it is at least $15,000? That is why it is essential that you’re ensuring your budget is being put into good use. So apart from choosing the best materials and design and shopping around for professional services, you will find it very challenging to allocate your funds in the most realistic manner. In addition to fund allocation, there are also homeowners who commit mistakes in remodeling their bathroom. So if you’ve not started, check out the following for what to avoid.

Top Mistakes to Avoid When Remodeling Bathrooms

Know that each bathroom remodeling is unique, but it also comes with headaches if you’re unprepared about those things to expect in advance. That is why you also have to take note of the following homeowner mistakes when remodeling a bathroom so that you can minimize stress and plan correctly.

remodeling a bathroom

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Not having a detailed plan before the project starts

Do not start with the demolition unless you have a flawless plan.   You should know your goals and come up with a good plan to realize your visions. Take note that even small decisions can make a major difference.

For example,   your decision on the type and color of the tiles to use on the bathtub’s border can also affect the overall color scheme and style of the bathroom later.

Also without a thorough plan in place, you might have to spend more than the amount you have set for in the beginning.

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remodeling a bathroom

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Not having a good layout

Miscalculations on the layout and room flow are another top mistake of homeowners looking to remodel their bathrooms.  You should plan for ample space for foot traffic between your sink and toilet and around your shower when remodeling a bathroom.

Ignoring enough storage

You shouldn’t neglect planning for enough storage. To make things right, you must consider retaining ample spacing to store personal items and linens in cabinets, built-in nooks and closets.

Making the toilet the first thing that they’re seeing

Do not make the toilet the first thing that you’re seeing when it comes to layout. However, it does not mean that you should have another room for it, but it is about carefully considering your options to reduce its presence in the bathroom. It is done to ensure that your bathroom would still look classy even it is not that big.

Having a correct layout will help you achieve your goals especially when trying to minimize the presence of your toilet in the overall layout.

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Underestimating the timeline

Some people who have remodeled their bathrooms might tell you not to worry about the project’s timeline.

Your remodeling expert will be able to give you his estimate on how long it will be to complete the project. However, he might also discover other things along the way, such as wiring issues or water damage.  These things will delay the completion of your project.

Having the exterior window in the wrong place

As a backup for ventilation, some contractors are going to suggest pairing an exterior window with a strong fan. But then, you must consider where to install these windows if the bathroom is on the ground floor.  Plan for where to install the exterior windows and consider it well in the remodeling.

Moving the bathroom fixtures

The cost of new plumbing is one of the most expensive aspects of a bathroom-remodeling project. So when you have decided to move the shower or sink from its location, you should expect for an increase in the renovation cost. But then, you might want to consider if you really have to get this done or not.  Find out if it is a necessity to increase your bathroom’s value.

Not allowing natural light

Another factor to consider in bathroom remodeling is allowing natural light. In order to ensure of privacy, some homeowners consider keeping their windows covered by blinds.  But then, this is not a good idea because it won’t allow natural light that you should combine with an overhead lighting.  To let natural light, you might want to consider having the windows closer to the ceiling or making use of solar tubes.

Not planning for correct ventilation

Another mistake that many homeowners make when remodeling their bathrooms is not taking the ventilation into consideration.

You should know that proper ventilation matters when it comes to the maintenance of your bathroom, especially if your home is in humid environments.

Also, you must ask your contractor about ways of ensuring of correct air circulation before the project begins because you will definitely need electrical installation and HVAC systems around this factor in bathroom remodeling.

There you have the top mistakes of homeowners when remodeling a bathroom.  Hope you picked up something from these things mentioned so that you can prevent committing the same mistakes. If you need more advice and help on bathroom remodeling, you may want to consult a remodeling expert specializing in bathroom renovations today!