Things to Do in Ocean City

Ocean City is an interesting tourist destination where different fun, adventure and entertaining activities are in store for its visitors who flock Maryland, approximately 8 million of them annually. OC is a popular beach town located on the East Coast.  It is a must-visit tourist destination especially in the summer. Here is where the beachside eateries, souvenir shops and fine dining restaurants, are found.  Check out the following for the best things to do in OC.

Things to Do in Ocean City

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Amazing Spots for Things to Do in Ocean City

This is an interesting place for vacation activities, restaurants, carousels and arcades. It is also popular for flying kites, fishing and water sports. Ocean City is where 17 golf courses and weekend getaway destinations are found. Everything your heart desires, you will find here!  Check out the following more information.

The Boardwalk

You can hit the Boardwalk, which is a perfect family destination for biking, running, or walking. It is where to experience the great tram ride. Especially at night, the Boardwalk is also an interesting place that comes to life with performers, rides and arcades, and so on.

You can also catch the sunrise and sunset at the Boardwalk. They’re spectacular sights on the bay, especially along the island’s western section. The sunrise is also an amazing sight that’s worth waking up early for each day.

[The Boardwalk is almost three-mile stretch attraction. It is also one of the most beloved in the USA and the world. One of the things to try here is the tram that will take you to the entire length, traveling to the North Booth, 27th Street from the inlet.]

Haunted House

The tourist spot located on 14 Worcester Street is for those who love thrill and adventure.  According to the same source, there is a new breed of fear washing up on the OC sands in the summer. It is for the grand opening of the Ocean City Screams, a 2-storey attraction with the most intense, biggest, scariest haunted house in MD.  The OC Screams was designed and built to raise your blood pressure and make you scream.

Miss Ocean City Fishing Trips

The Miss Ocean City, which is the most comfortable, spacious fishing boat, is 50ft long.  This fishing vessel is certified and inspected by the Coast Guard.  They offer three different fishing trips for the tourists that love spending an unforgettable summer day on the waters with their loved ones and friends.  Don’t forget bringing your camera to take pictures of the birds and dolphins as well as have fun on their head boat.

Northside Park

Don’t miss out the North Park when looking for things to do in Ocean City. The 58-acre park has three lighted softball/baseball fields, a soccer field, a fishing lagoon, a multipurpose field, picnic areas, a gazebo, two playgrounds and a jogging or walking path.

Ocean City Beach

When looking for things to do in Ocean City, do not miss the OC beach! It offers you pure family fun and beachside adventures. This tourist spot invites millions in the summer. Marylanders and visitors go to this place for swimming, surfing and sunning. There are also two beaches for rotate and surfing, but their use depend on the waves and weather.  Tourists looking for water adventures might also want to try canoeing, kayaking or fishing. As you see, every water sport you love, the Beach has it for you!

things to do in ocean city

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Paradise Water Sports

If you love more water adventures, then go to the Paradise Water Sports for some more fun things to do in Ocean City! It is located on the 12913 Ocean Gateway.  Here, you can rent out jet skis for that adrenaline rush and speed. Do not miss the summer water sports activity, which can also let you enjoy the breathtaking OC views and wildlife including sea turtles, dolphins and wild ponies.

You can also have a bird’s eye view of the state while enjoying parasailing. The Paradise Water Sports offer you an amazing ride and safety with its experienced crew, ensuring a smooth and safe adventure!

Paintball and Sports Center

Find it at 12605 Ocean Gateway and experience top family fun and entertainment. It is a family-operated and owned business in the West OC heart. The attraction is open all-year round and is available for your loved ones and group of friends to enjoy.

Culinary Adventures

Going to the Ocean City, you can also indulge in culinary delights!  Different OC restaurants serving boardwalk fries and fresh seafood can be tried. Also served here is fresh pizza, crab cakes, Delmarva fried chicken and taffy.

Are you ready for Ocean City? It’s waiting for you!  However, make sure to plan your travel ahead because for sure you cannot hit all these places in one day.  Whether you’re looking for water sports, family fun and entertainment, dining and kid-friendly attractions, OC has it for you!

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