January 7, 2018

Sell your home

Sell your house! Partner with Jason Miller, Realtor

Do you have a property in the Phoenix, MD coverage area or Ocean City, Maryland? If so, it would be my pleasure to partner with you as your listing agent and get your property sold. As you can tell, I do extensive marketing and have customers looking to purchase in these areas. I would love to be able to list your property and share it with my network of buyers.

But what makes me different? What are the benefits of listing with me? I’ve outlined a few key highlights below but would love to discuss more in depth with you. Let’s set up a no-obligation conference call and we if we are mutually a good fit!

Listing your house with the right details!

The key to selling your house is ensuring it’s not overlooked on the internet. It’s a fact, everyone finds properties online. Your house isn’t just a house, it’s also a lifestyle. Let’s express it.

  • Video and drone photography: I utilize videos and drone photography to ensure we capture every element of your house with a local partner in the Baltimore area.

    • Custom website: For select properties, I will build a website, devoted to your property. This will provide a vanity URL for your home, making it easy to find on the internet. It will also ensure when anyone is trying to find your property, it shows up first on Google.


    • Online marketing / PPC campaigns: Leveraging my online marketing skills, I will deploy an in-depth online marketing campaign, leveraging PPC (Pay per click) advertisements across Google and other outlets. This ensures traffic finds your property.


    • Regular cadence calls: One of the worst experiences I had in real estate, was listing a property and the agent never providing and updates. I’ll have a regular cadence call with you to review advertising performance, traffic to the website, overall inquiries, and actual showings along with feedback and next steps for each. Be in the know!


  • Not just an open house .. but letting people experience lifestyle aspects of your property.

A luxury lodge I work with on 25 acres