December 10, 2017

Real Estate Strategy Session

Jason Miller, Realtor: The Process

I take immense pride in partnering with you to find your luxury estate or beach escape. To achieve the best use of our time, my goal is to do a lot of the legwork for you, without initially taking tons of your time up front. This ensures when we meet to review properties, you are looking at properties you pre-screened and reviewed my expert guidance. It’s also an opportunity to ensure we both mutually will work well together.

Below, please find a summary of the typical process I take with my clients.

Day 1: initial meet and greet

  1. We will schedule a conference call and/or meet face to face over lunch
  2. Address your goals for your property search
  3. Determine budgets and property needs

Day 3: property search

  1. I will provide a list of properties that I have discovered and initially screened
  2. Properties will include:
    1. Publicly listed properties, coming to market soon and privately listed
  3. Conference call to discuss

Day 4: narrow property list

  1. We will work to narrow the property search down to a handful of properties we want to review further
  2. I will provide additional details about those properties

Day 5 – 8: onsite property reviews

  1. From the list we developed, I will do an on-site virtual tour of the property
    1. I will personally go onsite to each property and provide a live stream (or recorded video) for you to review
    2. In addition, I will do a walk-through of the property to ensure all your needs at met
    3. Any defects, I will point out and review with you

Day 8 – 14: your private tours of the properties

  1. I will set up private showings for you and personally grant you access to each property to review
  2. We will go over your list, all the highlights of the property, and determine if we continue keeping the property on our list or exclude it

Days 14 – TBD: Days 3-8 will continue to repeat until we find your perfect property!

Time to make an offer

My hope is I’ve succeeded in helping you find your luxury estate or beach escape. Now the fun begins to make an offer.

  1. I’ll perform a CMA (competitive market analysis) to get an idea of what the house should be priced at
  2. From that, I’ll present the CMA to you for consideration in what you plan to offer
  3. Jointly, we’ll put a contract together and make an offer to the seller

During this entire process, I will leverage my network to provide appraisal companies, inspectors, and more.

I also have a list of preferred lenders and title companies, all of whom I have done business with in the past.

Excited for the opportunity and I will be your voice in the process, ensuring the best deal possible is achieved for you.