Amazing Real Estate Listing Photo Tips

If you’re a total beginner in terms of real estate photography, then you might want to check out this guide for the things you need to remember when shooting for real estate listing photo.

What to Remember for Listing Photos

Pictures convey a thousand words. Don’t let potential buyers go away from your listing just because your photos are bad. As you may already know, it is not enough to have a complete description of your properties for listing. You should make it work with quality photos that will convey your message to potential homebuyers.

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Have professional quality photos

Technology keeps advancing, and so are real estate listings.  Today more than ever, people are visual, too. They want a virtual tour of your property, and you can do it by using high quality photos in 3D for example.

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Make use of a wide-angle camera lens to help you capture the entire space, allowing for more detail and depth

With HDR photography as well, your real estate listing will stand out.  The HDR will be able to take some exposures of the same photo, and then combine them for professional looking photographs coming with full dynamic and rich shades. In addition, these professional and high quality photos will be able to leave a lasting impression due to their flawless look.

Take a shot from the curb

One thing that makes great real estate photos are shots showing a home’s curb appeal.  Remember that buyers are deciding in a matter of seconds or minutes as to whether they want to move on to another listing or keep looking. As a tip, make sure that you’re getting the shot of the entire house.  Do not let other objects as well as cars to block the home’s view or ruin the photo.

In addition, be mindful of the camera’s angle when taking a picture from the curb.  Remember that your roofline has to be parallel with the frame to achieve a level look.

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What are your home’s selling points?

Some homeowners and real estate agents consider not taking photos of the bathroom when listing their properties.  However, it should be the other way around.  You must show off the bathroom that might have also been the first rooms in your home to get a makeover or remodel.

Compare real estate listing photos and discover why they’re great

Check online and look for high quality real estate photographs to find out the reasons they’re working.  You might also want to look up for websites, offering tutorials and real estate photo examples.

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Take a shot of your attractive entryway and front door

It has to be done in order to set the home’s overall tone.  If you also want to send buyers a welcoming message, you can have the door open in one of the listing photos.

Oppositely, avoid threatening visitors in your listing photos. Before taking shots, you must remove property barriers and threatening signs.  What you need is to be able to create that warmth feeling for the potential buyers, not to scare them away.

Use a bird’s eye view

You might also use photos with a view from the above. You can make use of drones, which can help you take these photos. Using a bird’s eye view, you can make an illusion of a large property.  Then, you must be able to crop the picture close enough, creating that visibility without drawing a box around it or drawing an arrow.

Use a fisheye lens

There are also real estate agents and property owners making use of fisheye lens, which can help create that sense of having a large even for a small space. You might also want to make use of design tricks even with your ordinary lens. But if you need more help on this aspect, you might want to seek the help of an experienced real estate photographer.

Show off each room

Everybody wants to do his or her best when listing a home for sale or rent.  And one of the best ways to achieve this goal is to stage every room of your home to let the homebuyers see the kind of lifestyle you have as shown on what your property offers.  Help potential shoppers visualize how it will be to live in your home.

Oppositely, you shouldn’t stage a mess, so be able to clean up and de-clutter before taking real estate listing photos.  It will help you make your home looking at its best. Do not stage a mess, or you will send the potential homebuyers away.

Final Thoughts

Putting your best foot forward for your listing photos, you might be able to sell your home faster than you think you could.   If you need more help, you might also want to hire a professional photographer that has the knowledge and skills in real estate photography. Follow the tips we’ve shared above to start and come up with the best real estate listing photos today!