January 14, 2018

Pricing Trends

Mid-Atlantic Region Pricing Trends

Pricing trends should be a key factor when you are buying or selling, especially if it’s a beach escape investment property. Avoid buying when the market is high and look for the right dip to maximize your investment. Below shows a 1-year chart of the average pricing trends in the Mid-Atlantic region. Keep in mind, this chart is dynamic and will auto-update as more data comes in so check back frequently.

How should you use this? Use it as an indicator and look for dips. Dips are a good time to buy. Highs are a good time to sell!

One-year Mid-Atlantic region pricing trends

Two-year Mid-Atlantic region pricing trends

Three-year Mid-Atlantic region pricing trends

Now is the time to buy your beach escape!

The data shows, year over year, the market is getting stronger. If you are looking to find that perfect beach escape, now is the best time to buy, while real estate exists that you can purchase and monetize as an investment vacation rental with all the numbers still making sense. Contact me today to set up a quick conference call to discuss further.