Patio Tips and Tricks That You Might Not Know About

Are you looking for patio tips for your home? A lovely and charming patio can serve as the extension of your home outdoors!  When it is filled with amenities and outstanding features, it can become your family’s interesting getaway – and it is just right in your yard.

Easy and Simple Patio Tips That Work

Check out the following simple patio tips and ideas to come up with a charming outdoor getaway.

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Make patterns work

If your landscaping theme comes with different textures and plant types, avoid a too overwhelming set of pattern or it will hurt your overall design.    But then, a little bit of it can add interest in your patio. You can easily do it with some furniture contrast, such as that with red and white accent and some colorful pillows for more style.

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Consider moving the air

Does your patio have a sort of shield like a structure overhead, such as a pergola or roof? For it, you may want to add a ceiling fan to move the air in your patio. This fan can drop the surrounding temperature. But to make it more functional, you may want to add light to it for an instant illumination.

Think of privacy

Screen your patio’s seating area for privacy if your backyard space is at a premium.  You may also want to include tall trees and fences in the design of the patio to achieve privacy.

Don’t forget about lighting

Offering great ambience and ensuring walkway safety, lighting is essential for a patio design.

Make sure that the patio and landscape complement each other

Bricked or paved patios that are ending abruptly will make poor design because they can look out of place if combined with a large landscape.   To turn the issue around, make sure that the materials you’re using are providing gradual transition while also offering a better connection of the patio with the landscape.

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Should you soften the edges?

Do you want to get gentle borders?  Use tall trellises that can help you achieve it.   They can also promote a natural look in your patio – and can encourage vines to grow high.

Note: Ensure that the vines you’re using are suitable for the lighting conditions in your patio.  To make the vines more effective, you may also want to pick fragrant varieties, which can provide a natural air freshener to your patio.

Consider your home’s design

By not matching your property’s design with the patio design,   the latter will look out of place. To prevent this from happening, you should look for clues on the color and construction type of your home when thinking of the patio design.

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More Patio Tips for Your Home

The patio can become the focal point of your garden or backyard, so carefully choosing its design with thorough planning is essential.  Check out the following for more tips on how to make a lovely patio.

  • Extend the usefulness of the space using a partial cover or roof. And when selecting location, you must not pick a place where the patio will be baked by the sun for the most part of the day. For this, you may want to choose the southwest or southeast location.
  • When planning for a patio, you must also consider its size. For example, the space must be enough for accommodating alfresco meals and foot traffic.  You must also be generous with the patio dimensions. For one, you should add at least three feet to every dimension for more space should you want to include a small desk or a grill.
  • Make an enclosed or hidden patio, which can become an instant outdoor room, from your home. You will need shrubs and trees shelter as well as level ground for it.
  • You can build a patio within some weekends if you’re looking to DIY it. For how-to information, you may want to find some free manuals online or at the library.
  • If you have a concrete paver patio, you may want to add slabs to create some geometric forms. But to make the most out of a space available, you may want to consider using curves.
  • Make sure that the grade is leveled to offer enough stability for supporting chairs, tables and foot traffic. You must also consider and make sure of smooth and safe transition areas, such as in the corners and along the edges. But for a grade with significant changes, you may want to include steps or terracing.
  • Consider setting the landscape tone with hard surfaces. You should also try softening pavers using plants. However, make sure that they match well for amazing results. For one, you can pair concrete with small conifers for that Zen effect.
  • Think of a low maintenance landscape, which is easy to clean and maintain while not compromising its design and layout. It must be easy to keep for seasons as well.

Create a patio for a slice of heaven in the garden!

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