Landscaping Tips to Increase Home Value in 2018

Are you looking for landscaping tips to increase home value in 2018? Landscaping does not only beautify but also increase your property’s value.   In fact, greening around and tidying your garden up is one of the best ways to get better returns on investment when selling your home in Maryland. Bonus, good landscaping is also perfect for improving your health and mood!

Landscaping Tips to Increase Home Value in 2018

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Amazing Landscaping Tips to Increase Home Value in 2018

If you’re looking to sell your property this year, you should be applying changes in and around your home. One of the best ways to start is landscaping it.  Check out the following for simple and proven ways on how to start with this project.

Lawn edges

Take a look and examine your lawn edges? Do they have good edge’s definition?  You must mow and edge the lawn to keep your garden tamed and trimmed.   Doing regular maintenance on the edges can also give potential homebuyers an impression that your lawn does not require much work. A lower maintenance appearance is a good selling point.

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You can create lawn edges without any hassles by just using a sharp spade in cutting and making a separation between the fence, path or garden bed and the lawn.  On the other hand, you might also want to consider adding a physical barrier, such as stones, bricks or wood.


If your property has shortfalls, including busy roads and overlooking neighbors, address them with plants.  While these plants won’t create 100% barrier on those shortfalls, they can give a good impression to a potential homebuyer. You might want to consult a landscaping professional for advice and tips on your garden’s specific environmental conditions, including soil, light, sunlight and other factors.

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Weeding and mulching

They can also help in keeping a low maintenance garden appearance.  To do it, use utility mulch including forest pines and pine barks, not sugarcane or Lucerne.

These utility mulches are neater than other options are. After all, it is more about appearance not function when the time comes that you will be selling your home.  Do not opt for mulches, such colored woodchip, as they’re too much out there.

Number of plant species

Limit the number of plant species, one of the most important landscaping tips to increase home’s value in 2018.  Again, this is also about leaving the impression that your garden is low maintenance.  It is a plus if you also want to sell a home fast. Choosing only a limited number of plants, you can give a uniform look to your garden as well.

New lawn

It can make your garden sparkle!   You might want to try kikuyu, which is an affordable lawn option yet is lovely.  It is also cheaper than other alternatives like Buffalo grass is.

Form and color

You can also try adding some good planters on your entranceways.  One to consider is clipped topiary. You can also add some flowering annuals or perennials in your garden for some instant lift.   After all, you can take the potted plants when you decided selling your home, but that is only an option.

Landscaping Tips to Increase Home Value in 2018

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Tidying up the plants and trees can help you achieve great results when trying to show that you have a well cared for and maintained garden.


Another great landscaping tip to increase home value is to have a great design, an essential aspect of a landscaping plan. Doing so, you can add value to your home, but that is if you would have a customized or intentional design, which emphasizes the beauty of your home.

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That is to say that you should work on having unified aesthetics on your entire property.  You should not commit the mistake of some homeowners not giving enough thought in regards to the theme that they want to accomplish.

In short, try to come up with a design for your landscape that will work happily with your property’s overall theme and design.

Seasonal Balance

It refers to seasonal balance in your garden to avoid the mistake of some homeowners failing to consider it in landscape planning.  Know that plants have their different seasonal life cycles.

With that said, you should try achieving a seasonal balance in your garden by keeping it looking great through the seasons – in not only the spring or the summer. Consider seasonal balance that can ensure that your garden will look amazing no matter the month of the year.

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They’re essential components of a good landscape design because they can add value to not only your garden but also your home.  They can also provide aesthetic value to your property’s overall appearance, while also keeping your energy costs down. How is that possible? Trees can provide windbreak in the colder months and shade in the hotter months.

Consider these landscaping tips to increase home value in 2018 and sell your home faster! If you need more help, feel free contacting me today!