How to Make Renters Rent Your Home

Make renters find your rental property in Maryland. However, things are not that easy, and before renters find your home, they would have to find you.   So in the following, let us discuss popular ways on how to make renters rent your home.

How to find tenants for your home

how to make renters rent your home

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Look for tenants on rental websites, which are great channels of reaching more people for your property. A few listing sites, like Trulia and Craiglist are great places to list your rental.

Your listings will be visible to the people looking for the same type of property like yours. The searcher can also narrow down his or her choices on the number of bathrooms and bedrooms along with rental price while searching for a home for rent.

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Social Media

Use social media, such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, in finding tenants for your property.  You can also create an account on all social media channels for it.

If you don’t have company accounts, use your personal account to let people know about the property for rent.  Facebook also has a marketplace where you can post the rental property. On Instagram, you can also post a photo of the rental. You can also tweet a message to your followers on Twitter.

Word of mouth

You can also find tenants through WOM! Let your current tenant know that you have a vacancy because one may have a cousin, brother or sister who’s looking for a shelter to live.   You might also want to tell your mechanic, boss, hairdresser and all the rest in the community about the home or property for rent.  But then, make sure to have flyers that you can hand out or offer a referral fee for improved results.

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Prospective tenants are still looking for homes or properties for rent in the newspaper.  For the best results, be able to advertise on the weekends and on Sunday.  Newspaper rental ads are small, so make your property stand out with catchy words and abbreviations such as BR to save space. While you should spend money advertising this way, newspaper advertising is one of the best ways to increase property exposure.


Brokers are charging a commission of at least the amount of the month’s rent.

When finding a realtor, you should try interviewing two realtors or more to find the one   with who you can feel comfortable listing your rental.

Hiring a realtor may be an expensive way of advertising your rental business, but it is also one of the most effective ways of finding tenant for your property. One can save you from the headache of meeting and dealing with potential renters.  He or she can also list your rental property on the Multiple Listing Service, increasing exposure to your home for rent.

For rent sign

Place a ‘for rent’ sign at the gate or in the window.  You won’t find plenty of people to rent your place this way, but it is an effective way of looking for one. Who knows? A passerby may know someone or may be interested to rent in your area. You should ensure that a phone number is easy to read and visible.

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Offer rewards to find tenants quickly, one of the most effective techniques in advertising a home for rent.  On the other hand, you might also want to offer a discount on the rental fee if the potential tenant will move in by *specific date. Nevertheless, offering incentives to potential buyers is one of the most effective ways of finding tenants for your home.

Quick Response

When you receive calls or messages from prospects, you should respond fast. If you do not call or reply immediately, another realtor or property owner will be able to do that.

On the other hand, those property owners who do not want to send out their personal phone number are using a Google Voice account, which provides them with a number and can be set to ring to their phone line. Other property owners make use of a toll-free number for a small fee.

Local bulletin boards

These boards are perfect spots to put up flyers for your property, and some of the options include those bulletin boards at the grocery store, Laundromat, bus stops, colleges and churches.

You may want to use large and bold headlines with colorful photographs.  Using catchy and interesting flyers will help in drawing attention to your listing.

You may also want to use those with tear-offs on the bottom. Some information to include is your contact information, number of bedrooms and property address.

Finding Tenants for Your Rental Property

There you have some of the best methods to use in finding tenants for your property – word of mouth, local bulletin boards, social media and websites, among others. If you need more help to find a renter for your place, you can also contact me today!