How To Get Rid Of Cigarette Smell In Your House Before Selling

Do you want to know how to get rid of cigarette smell in your house before selling? Are you a smoker who has decided to sell your home in Maryland?   Will the lingering smoke in every room break the deal?  How do you get rid of that ashtray smell before selling your home?  Answers are ahead, so stay tuned!

A study discovered that a home’s resale value could decline by up to 29% due to smoke smell in a home. This lingering smell of smoke is unpleasant and is linked with cancer, too.

For example, nitrous acid and nitrosamines from tobacco can cling to the dust, walls and other home surfaces.  This is third hand smoke that can affect the health of small children and pets because they tend to pick up particulate matter and put it into their mouths.

What’s worse is that the third hand smoke levels can remain even if you emptied and cleaned your home for months.

how to get rid of cigarette smell in your house

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How to get rid of cigarette smell in your house before selling

You’re not required to disclose that you’re a smoker because it is obvious in the lingering smell in your home. You should keep an open eye on this and do something about it.  You cannot just mask the odor with air fresheners and other fragrances when trying to sell your home.

Drapes and curtains

Smoke smell lingers on fabric, including curtains and drapes.    To address this concern, you should clean the window treatments you’re using. Washing will do the trick to some of them, either with steam cleaning or washing machine cleaning. You might also consider hiring a professional or renting a steamer. If cleaning and washing did not work, replace the window treatments.

Ceilings and walls

Clean these with vinegar and water mixture, 3:1.  Ceilings, for example, are obvious absorbers of smoke smell in your house because smoke goes up and attach itself to the first surface with which it gets contact. You can also use a cleaning product, ideally trisodium phosphate, a great cleanser in removing stains and smoke odor.

Light bulbs and windows

Smoke dust can latch onto the bulbs, as they’re getting hot. You might want to change them out, too.  The smoky film can also attach to the windows especially when the sun warmed them.

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If you want to know how to get rid of cigarette smell in your house, you might also want to consider repainting the ceilings and walls if cleaning them did not eliminate the odor.  You can seal in the smell by first using an odor-neutralizing paint primer variety.  Without it, the odor will remain and seep back through the paint.

Carpets and floors

Use baking soda or any deodorizing powder on carpets and floors to get rid of smoke smell. On the other hand, you might also want to hire a professional cleaning service to steam clean your home. If it does not work and eliminate the odor, you should replace your carpet or flooring.

For tiles, wood and other flooring materials, you can do normal cleaning using a specific cleanser.  Also, you should vacuum the dust because it also has stinky and harmful tobacco chemicals.

how to get rid of cigarette smell in your house

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Air filtration

Use an indoor HEPA indoor air filter to reduce smoke smell in your home especially in the humid weather.

HVAC System

Every part of your HVAC system has come into contact with smoke, but there are steps on how to correct it.

You should have the air ducts cleaned by a professional air duct cleaning service in Maryland. It is one of the best ways to eliminate odors that go into the air when you turn on the system.

Check and clean the evaporator coil.  Remember that the fumes can get into the evaporator coil, and such will permeate it.   If you can notice, the cigarette smell is blasted into the air every time you turn the AC on.

You should also have the filter replaced, and it must be done every couple of months or right before it is clogged with too much dirt and pollutants. Ideally, it must be replaced every month for the best results.

If none of these works,   you might need an entire system replacement. However, this is not something affordable to accomplish, so as much as possible, get your HVAC system maintained from time to time.

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Whether or not you pursue in the selling process, you can follow these simple tips and tricks on how to get rid of cigarette smell in your house. But in case you decided selling your property, eliminating the cigarette odor before selling can make the big difference.

After all, first impressions can last. You won’t want to send potential buyers away just because your lovely home’s indoor air stinks due to tobacco odor.

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