How to Paint the Exterior of Your Home

If you’re looking to up the value of your home, consider painting its exterior. It can increase your home’s curb appeal and protect it from water and weather damage. All these will affect the future selling of your home. For a short guide on how to paint the exterior of your home, keep reading.

How to Paint the Exterior of Your Home

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Why Paint the Home’s Exterior

A fresh paint can transform your home in a short time and with not much spending versus other remodeling projects, such as those for the kitchen.   It can also protect your investment because paint can shield your home from the wind, sun and rain, until it starts peeling and cracking.

New paint can last up to 15 years. However, you should use top quality materials and apply the paint correctly. Then, you should also clean and sand before applying paint.  Painting the exterior, you can also increase the curb appeal of your home especially if you’re planning to sell in the near future. In the following section, you’ll learn of the essential tips when performing the painting job.

Painting Home Exterior: Essential Tips

To begin with, check out the following tips for a short overview on what to do and expect when painting your home’s exterior.

Begin by pressure washing the walls

To get the most out of the repainting or painting job, you should start by removing the dust and dirt buildup with a pressure washer. Start from the top to the bottom of your house in a controlled and smooth manner.

Consider repairing any damaged surface

You should add this step before painting the exterior of your home. Walk around and check the perimeter of your home.  Take note of the surfaces needing repairs. These include metal, masonry, wood or sidings. You should also check on the holes and cracks and apply epoxy filler to them with a spackle knife. And with sanding block, lightly sand them when dry.

How to Paint the Exterior of Your Home

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Remove any loose paint

Check on your home’s perimeter and take note of chipped or loose paint.  Put drop cloths, along the ground and then remove this paint with a sanding block or paint scraper.

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Do the caulk trimming

You must also be able to trim around your windows and doors with a caulk gun and caulk, and fill in any gaps in your house. You should also caulk along surfaces where the materials are meeting if your home has mixed materials.

Work on priming the stains

Check on your home’s exterior for visible wood knots and stains, and then apply a coat of a stain blocking primer with a paintbrush.

Be able to protect the windows, doors and lights

Before painting, remember to cover these components with plastic sheeting and a tape.

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Start with painting

On a paint sprayer, load eggshell or flat exterior paint. Based on the color intensity, you should apply up to two coats of the paint to the house.  Start up to the bottom through a controlled, gentle manner, and then overlapping every stroke by eight inches.

When thinking to change the exterior color, you should start with a primer coat for correct coverage whether you’re changing the color from dark to light or light to dark. A primer isn’t needed if you have applied a fresh coat of the current color.

Tip: You should start in the shade. Otherwise, the paint will dry too quickly if you start with sun-baked areas or those in direct sunlight.  With it, the paint won’t adhere well, blistering and flaking prematurely.  Thus, you should begin painting on shady house portions. You should wipe dry if the surface is damp. You should also wait for the sun to move so that you can paint the shaded area. Alternatively, you can paint on cloudy days

Paint doors and trim

Take off the plastic sheeting you have used earlier from the lightings, doors and windows. Next, apply two coats of a semi-gloss paint color to your doors and woodwork.

More Tips

The short guide above is a preview of the steps on how to paint the home exterior. Next thing you might want to know is how much paint prices are.  Briefly, there is no specific formula in choosing the best paint and its price. Many makers offer different types of paint from good to best.   First thing, you should determine the amount you wish to spend for the project so that you can buy the best paint you can afford.

In many cases, paints that are more expensive tend to have better quality than the cheaper varieties have.  For one, they have more pigments versus the bargain paints, producing longer-lasting and thicker protecting coatings.

There you have our brief guide on how to paint the exterior of your home. Follow these tips and get the best results. Now if you’re considering more tips on how to increase the value of your home, feel free contacting me today!

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