How Much Does It Cost to Move?

The process of moving from one home to another is challenging, time consuming and stressful.   It is also an expensive endeavor – so the question is, “How much does it cost to move?” If you’re looking to move soon, know how pricey it could get.  Its cost, however, depends on many factors.

how much does it cost to move

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How much does it cost to move?

In 2016, 11.2% of Americans moved, according to the US Census. Their reasons included things like employment, family and housing.  Regarding the cost of moving, there are many costs considerations to factor in, including the cost of getting your things from one point to another.

Moving long or short distances, many people choose hiring a professional moving company. The typical price associated costs up to $100 per hour and then an additional of up to $50 per additional mover, applying to local or interstate move and with a distance of under 100 miles. This also includes two movers plus a truck.

Every year, local moves make up the most of moves. And based on a research by ZILLOW, those selling a home also choose moving within the same city (57%), while 86% make up those moving within the same state.

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Let’s have an example. If you’re moving from a one-bedroom apartment, the estimated time of moving and the average price range for doing it is up to five hours and up to $500 respectively.

What are the price factors?

Now after a brief preview of how much to pay and things to expect when moving a home, let us discuss the factors involved.  You should also take note of the fundamental considerations so that you can make use of special cost reduction methods.

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The season and specific move date is a price factor.  High season is from September to May, a period when rates to move out are higher. So if you have the flexibility of choosing the moving out date, you must choose off-season dates if you’re looking for the best deals.

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Number of items

Your home’s size will also relate to how many items are there.    One of the best ways to reduce cost is to take only the items that you need.  So early in the preparation, you should go through your things and know which of them to take when you are ready to move.  It also pays off to get rid of the unwanted items when moving.

What are the special items to move? Stuffs like a pool table, a piano or a grandfather clock are some special items.   Early in the preparation, you must decide which of the items you’re moving with you.

Item weight

What is the total weight of the items?   If moving across country, a cross-country mover will help you determine the cost of the shipment.

Move distance

The move distance (across the street, within the same city, to another state, to a neighboring city or coast to coast), will also help you understand “how much does it cost to move;” its value cannot be changed or controlled unlike the number of items to take. So when preparing to move, you should focus on the things that you can influence or change.   Some of the things that also influence the cost include packing and moving, the date/season of the move and additional services from the moving company.

Extra services

The additional moving services also affect the cost of moving.  What requests do you have from the mover, and these may include but not limited to packing, unpacking and temporary storage.

Home size

Its size can help in determining the number of items to move to your new home.  And if you’re moving only within a short distance, the local moving company charges per hour. It just means that the more items will also take more time to pack and move.  Thus, you might want to move only those items that really need to be moved.  Now if you’re moving from one country to another, your home’s size will also affect the shipping weight, and thus, the moving cost will also increase.

Other factors

Loading, unloading and transportation:  If you want to save money, you must do the packing and unpacking, and then leave the heavy lifting to the mover.

Full services:  This type of moving service will include the packing, loading and transporting of your items to the new residence. The only thing you’ll to do is unpacking your things. Full service moves are generally for long distance moving out. For the transportation, you can expect paying up to $5,000 transportation cost.

Hope this guide on how much does it cost to move has helped you figure out the cost involved in moving from point A to point B. So when preparing to move, you should factor in the date/season of moving out, items/special items to move and rates of the local mover.

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