Discover How To Get Around Ocean City Conveniently

Even if you’re not familiar in this place, you can learn how to get around Ocean City with ease. Different forms of transportation systems are available and will be able to get you to your destination conveniently and safely all the time.

how to get around ocean city

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How to Get Around Ocean City

If you don’t want to fight for a parking spot or you don’t feel like walking at the boardwalk, check out the following forms of transportation and learn how to get around Ocean City easily (such as from any of the Ocean City Communities).

The Basic: On Foot

The Ocean City is an amazing place in Maryland, attracting about eight million visitors per year. You can imagine how busy this place is, and for a reason.

There are many top attractions and shops to visit and explore. And for some, they can take pleasure by navigating it on foot.

However, you might want to make use of the available public transportation systems if you’re going to farther attractions like the Assateague Island National Park or Ocean City Factory Outlets.

The Boardwalk Tram

There are many reasons to take the tram – the beach, sand, ocean breeze and family atmosphere.

It is a comfortable ride to help you explore the Boardwalk’s amazing sight and sound at a cheap price.

The best thing about this way to get around Ocean City is that the 30-minute ride has a detour that will take you on the pier where to feel, see and hear the ocean water telling you that you’re in OC.

So if you’re tired walking and shopping along the boardwalk, you can take the Boardwalk Tram! It is waiting for you.  This transportation form is one of the most convenient and best ways to sightsee and experience the place.

  • The tram is running from the inlet going to the 27th.
  • It also makes stops to load/unload passengers and lets you get on/off it anytime you desire.
  • Just like the Beach Bus, a ride here is $3 per person per one-way ride. You may also avail of the discount fare punch cards for eight rides at $20. Ask the Tram conductor or at the north/south station.
  • It runs daily in the summer but might not during a bad weather for the safety of the passengers.
  • See here for its complete schedule.

The Beach Bus

“Take the beach bus to avoid the fuss.”

It’s the old advice you’d hear from the locals.”

  • It runs from the inlet going to the Delaware state line. A ride costs $3 with an unlimited pass all day. Remember that it requires exact change   You can use the all day pass from 6 am until 6 am the following morning. With the pass, you can also transfer to one of the Park N Ride buses and go to their West Ocean City facility.
  • During the peak season, the beach bus operates 24 hours.
  • There are stops to find in just about each block.
  • Wheelchair lifts are also available for the disabled and elderly.
  • The bus can take you down to the North End transit center, South Division Street Transit Center or anywhere in between it.

If you’re eligible for the ADA, you may also call Transportation to pick you up at home. Give them a call at 410-723-1606 if you have questions.

For the complete beach bus schedule, visit Ocean City MD Government.

The West Ocean City Park n Ride Shuttle

how to get around oc

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Are you coming to Ocean City for the day or staying outside but you don’t feel like dealing with the traffic and pollution?

Ride the park n ride shuttle. Find it west of the drawbridge’s Route 50. The bus will take you either to the OC factory outlets or to the South Division Street Transit Center for $3/person.

In Park n Ride facility, tourists and guests with not only get a shuttle ride but also have a chance to one of the more than 700 free parking spaces available.

The Shore Transit provides the transportation to and from the South Division Street Station to the Park n Ride off the Route 50 when the shuttle isn’t operating during the off-season.  Visit its website for schedules, routes and stops.

By Car

It is not always the smartest choice during the summer when a parking spot is hard to come by.

If you’re staying in a hotel, you might be able to get a complimentary parking, so it won’t be a problem. The only time it does become a headache is if you’re in a locally owned commercial center or establishment that charges a parking fee.

For most tourists, the best way chosen is leaving their cars on the Route 50 in West Ocean City at the Park n Ride. Here, you might be able to get a free parking for extended stays.

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