Real Estate Home Staging: How to De-Clutter Your Space

How do you stage a home for real estate?  If you want buyers to go ahead and check out it out, home staging is vital. For this reason, many homeowners in Maryland de-clutter their spaces, do repainting and apply makeover.

Sometimes, it may also involve redecorating or renting art and furniture to make it look appealing and perform well during the open house.  To get started, keep reading the following on how to apply the basics of de-cluttering in your property for real estate home staging.

Home Staging: Simple Tips and Tricks That Rock

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To get started in home staging when selling your property, see the following for simple tips to follow now.

  • Remember that the walkway and the front porch of your home leave either a bad or a good first impression. Many times, potential buyers look around and scout the neighborhood before going to open houses.
  • Repaint the front door with a shade to coordinate and contrast with your home’s dominating color.
  • Replace worn knobs, doorknocker and other door hardware if needed.
  • Check and ensure that the stairs along with the handrails have no rough wood or paint.
  • You may also want to use seasonal decorations that might help buyers see themselves in your home. If it is the Christmas season, decorate your property with holiday icons, including pumpkins and lighted trees.

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But then, you can plant orange or red flowers in the yard because these colors can draw attention glancing from the inside to the outside of your home.   Alternatively, if the views from the windows do not look good, you can try screening them with lattice.

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  • If buying plants, do not go for smaller plants because they won’t add color to your garden. Instead, you must envision a full garden that won’t require potential homebuyers any additional work
  • If needed, fix the gates and fences.
  • Check the sidewalk and make sure it is clutter-free without yard gears, toys and debris. In short, keep the yard and garden clean.

Commonly Used Areas

Get rid of out of season gears from your hall closets. Remember that the front halls are setting the first impression, so you must have a setting down spot for totes, umbrellas, purses and coats. Make sure that the entrance systems and doorbells are working properly as well.  Get rid of the hanging things from the halls as well as remove the hooks if you have been using the halls as storage for the coats; otherwise, it will appear narrow.

Outside View: De-Cluttering Tips

What do you see from the inside to your yard?  As much as possible, you may want to make changes in the outside of your property, and one of which can be a focal point that will attract the buyer’s attention to landscaping.   For immediate colors, you can also plant bright annuals.

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Room by Room Cleaning and De-Cluttering

While general cleaning is time consuming and daunting,   it is essential if you want to leave a good impression to the people who would come to your open house.  The very basic is that de-cluttering is pruning those things that might shoo away a buyer from your property.

1.   Bedrooms

  • You should store off season linens and clothes.
  • Just keep a few photos of your family and pack the others away.
  • For each bed, choose a light linen set and add some nice pillows.
  • Give your duvets, quilts and comforters a wash.

2.   Bathroom

  • Pack away and look for a temporary storage area for perfume, jewelry and other toiletries.
  • Clean your drawer liners and shelves.
  • If needed, repair grout.
  • Put away cleaning gears in a kid-safe place.
  • Get rid of any mothball evidences.
  • Create an airy look in the closets by packing the linens.

3.   Kitchen

  • Clear the countertop. Get rid of the small appliances. Make sure that the potholders and towels are in the drawer.
  • Do you collect plates, teacups and pitchers? Pack some away but leave some for accessories that will call the attention of your potential buyers on the shelving you have.
  • Store rarely used kitchen appliances, such as roasters, Bundt pan, crockpot or fondue pot.

4.   Family Rooms and Dining Rooms

  • Pack away your books but leave a few volumes of them.
  • Leave some accents and pillows in the family or living room.
  • Clean the windows and window treatments.
  • Secure throw rugs with grips.
  • Inspect walls and woodwork. Do they need repair? Or do they need repainting?
  • Clear out hobby materials and stacks of magazines.
  • For the sound system and TV remote controls, make sure to keep them out of children’s reach.

At the end of the day, the main goal of home staging is to help homebuyers envision living in your property. But to do that, they want to feel how it would be like by seeing its details.  For this reason, you should aim at staging to attract these buyers to linger in your house to see its benefits and absorb what they will get.

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There you have the simple tips and tricks to follow when home staging for real estate. If you are ready to sell your home, be sure to de-clutter.  It will be worth your while because a clean and clutter-free home looks more appealing to buyers. But if you need more help, contact me today!