Home Staging Tips You Probably Didn’t Know About

More than ever, homebuyers are visual. And just like you, they want an irresistible property that pleases their eyes.  Now if you’re ready for simple home staging tips to make your property more attractive, keep reading in the following for what to know.

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Why do home staging

It’s the perfect way of attracting more potential homebuyers to check out your listing, engage them and convince them that your property is worth the investment.

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Home Staging Tips to Make Your Home Shine

You probably know by now that staged homes can sell faster and for more money than those not. So are you looking for home staging tips to make your property irresistible on listings and open houses? Consider these tips and make your home a stand out.

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Make your home attractive

Buyers are first glance would know whether they would want to buy a property or not because the initial impression is lasting. Make it memorable for them.  Preparation through staging is vital and required.

Make simple refurbishment and organize things in and around the house.

Mow the lawn, cut the trees, clean the backyard, with or without garden sheds, and decorate the garden with furniture and flowers.

Do some repainting on parts of your house that needs it, including those with paint that has gone old. Make the entire territory neat and tidy.

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Brighten up your property

Make sure enough light is in every room of your house.  Hang chandeliers, open the blinds and curtains and add more lights using devices and other light sources, such as sunlight.

A bright room or home is welcoming, giving buyers the impression that they can stay for a longer time.

You can also show photos of your property taken in a bright, sunny day.   These are more attractive than photos taken in the dark and gloomy weather are.

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De-clutter and detach from personal stuffs

Once a potential buyer enters your home, he will be visualizing how he can distribute his things in it.  For that reason, you might want to make the rooms like hotel rooms, containing minimal or none of your personal belongings.

Otherwise, collections, for instance, can make a homebuyer feel like a stranger unwelcomed in the home. Remove those personal stuffs for a sense of freedom and allow visitors to visualize living in the home, adjusting it based on their personal preferences.

Seek professional help

Make your listing more attractive by adding great photos on it. Hire a photographer to do it for you. Plus, you might want to consider hiring landscape artists and technicians for your property to make it more attractive.

It will always be better to hire professional services than to do it yourself for the best results and a desirable effect.

Clean the bathroom and kitchen

The kitchen is a personal space of any home because families spend a lot of time in this area.  They prepare food, get together and have conversations here.

The bathroom is a very personal space, too.  No one would love the thought of any other person using it.

De-clutter and clean the areas where buyers can also imagine themselves using.  They must not feel that the kitchen and bathroom are used by other people. Remove personal things to make a good first impression and let buyers have the freedom to imagine the home as theirs.

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Consider an interior upgrade

Does your interior have worn out or old fixtures and appliances? Consider removing them for home staging.

Without spending too much money, you can make simple repairs and refurbishments. Clean wooden panels and think about repainting the wall or applying new window treatment.

Show off your storage

Check the condition of your storage and prepare it for home staging. Female buyers are particular about comfortable and spacious storage rooms.    You can also think of having storage areas in the garage or the balcony.

Move furniture

You might want to hire designer services as well to enhance the organization of furniture in your home while adding value to it in the process.  It is insufficient to just set and place furniture in random places to make the layout look unique.

Choose its location based on the focal point you want to emphasize in the interior of your home.  Take note not to create a sense of obstacle when arranging furniture in your property.   When it comes to the bedroom, its furniture must be minimal to create an illusion of a larger space.

Final Thoughts

Prepare your home for the listing. Staging is a big factor here. Consider our home staging tips and improve your results.  Sell your home faster and for more money.

Stay tuned with us for more home selling tips. Finally, contact me should you need help in preparing your property to sell.

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