Frugal Travel Tips: How to Survive Ocean City

Vacations rewire the brain, rejuvenating and somehow keeping it attuned with reality. Wow! But seriously, you also need to unwind at certain points in your life, even in the middle of the week.  However, if budget consideration were coming in, many of us would stop and say, “Maybe next time.” You don’t have to delay a little break though because we’ve prepared some frugal travel tips to help you survive Ocean City for less. Here is how.

frugal traveler tips

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Go for free local guides

There are free local guides to find. Perhaps, a friend or a friend’s friend   living in Ocean City? You can enjoy sightseeing here even if it is your first time without spending time finding places or going around yourself.  You can get a  travel guide free.

Look for cheap accommodation or lodging

You may want to visit Weekend Oasis for suggestions. Looking for affordable options, you will still get the best of them provided you research and book early.  For a cheaper options, you may also want to go to destinations like Ocean City during the off peak season when the room rates are dramatically lower than they are in the summer.  Another suggestion would be to snag a bargain rate at a bed-and-breakfast hotel.

Nevertheless, planning early pays. That is why you need to decide early on in the planning stage on how much you’re willing to spend for your accommodation.

frugal travel tips

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Save on food expenses

Perhaps, one of the biggest spending in all types of travel is on FOOD.   It is because we eat out more often than we would cook in a vacation rental or so. And it is because we don’t have a kitchen access in many cases. For the frugal traveler, challenges like it will be easy to overcome with some dose of creativity.  Before going to Maryland, research online and look for cheap eateries and restaurants. You may also think about those easy to prepare snacks and meals in your room or better yet try tracking down online coupons!

Bargain transportation

If from overseas, you’re likely to spend a big chunk of your travel budget for commuting.   To save money, make a list of the places you want to visit when you get to Maryland and arrange how you are getting to those places before setting foot here.

It will help you not only save money but also save yourself from stress moving around.  This rule applies regardless you’re going around by commute or with a rental car.

More frugal tips

  1. Rent a car.
  2. Travel off peak.
  3. Use discount services online.
  4. Order tickets from online ticketing agencies.
  5. Take full advantage of mass transit.


Save with destination specific offers. Before going to Maryland, try looking for cheap discounted rates of destinations you’re planning to visit.   Check for the days when a specific attraction is free, or look for off-season travel deals. You might also be lucky enough to check out buy one, get one free ticket day pass.

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If it is fine with you, you may also want to schedule your trip to the attraction during the off peak season when the prices drop from original rates to very low rates you will love.   Another tip, you can also go to an attraction during the weekdays.

You are probably familiar with this but many destinations would be very much willing to offer visitors with discounted rates on the weekdays than to have a day without any guest, although impossible.

Try free things to do in Ocean City

  1. Hold a family Olympics and friendly competitions.
  2. Fly a kite with kids.
  3. Watch fishing boats come and go.
  4. On beach nights, there are movies to enjoy.
  5. Wait for and watch dolphins.
  6. Explore the boardwalk at night.
  7. Spend a day on the beach or stroll.
  8. Take a nap on the beach.
  9. Ride a bike.
  10. Play beach volleyball.
  11. Check out the Life-Saving Museum and learn new information in the free sessions it offers in summer.
  12. In June, you can watch the annual Air Show.
  13. Sun bathe.
  14. You can try a beach dance party.
  15. Watch the sunrise.
  16. Do some bird watching.
  17. Read a book.
  18. Build a sandcastle.
  19. Play in the playgrounds.
  20. Try rollerblading.
  21. Body surf.
  22. Go to the Assateague Island.
  23. Just people watch.
  24. Look for and collect seashells.
  25. Window shop.
  26. Visit on July 4 to witness a free fireworks show and watch a free concert.
  27. Spend a day of picnic on the beach.
  28. Listen to music.

There you have the coolest ways to spend less but get more out of your vacation.  When going to Maryland, plan ahead, save on discount deals and enjoy your entire stay.  You might also want the free things to do in Ocean City. Nevertheless, I hope these frugal travel tips can help you in the planning, research and travel to Maryland.  If you like this article, share it on Facebook and help friends get more out of their OC vacation today!