How to Drive Traffic to Your Real Estate Listings

So, are you looking for information on how to drive traffic to your real estate listings? Your property listing is one of the factors that will speed up or slow down the selling of your property in Maryland.  It can appear and show up better on listings versus your competitors or the other way around. Everyone wants to achieve the first, don’t you? If you’re looking for ways on how to increase traffic to your property listings, we’ve prepared a short but sweet guide to do it.

How to Drive Traffic to Your Real Estate Listings

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How to Increase Traffic to Your Real Estate Listings

Social Media

You should share them on social media, including on Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and LinkedIn so that your network and circles can quickly share the listings with their friends and on the web.  Social media shares can do much of the hard work for you, so do not ignore it when trying to promote your listings and gain more exposure for it. When using this route in combination with the other real estate marketing techniques, do not abuse it.  Otherwise, people would perceive you’re being overly promotional, triggering them to leave or unfollow you.  It will have a negative effect, and you’ll start seeing those followers and likes are quickly disappearing.  If your post comes with a great narrative or copy, you can comment and explain why you think your fans/followers/connections need to see it.

Aggregator Websites

Nothing beats these websites on real estate listing exposure.  Websites, such as Trulia and Zillow receives millions of visitors on a daily.   Listings on these websites receive much visibility.   For the best results, upgrade for a PRO account on aggregator websites to utilize the promoted listings feature. But then remember, you are not yet improving any customer’s loyalty and trust by having promoted listings, as also you’re not the only agent or broker using their services.

You don’t need a large budget to produce a video. Again, you can use your mobile phone for it. However, make sure that the video tour is well done.

TIP: If selling a high-end property, which offers you with a large commission, you might want to spend on it and produce a professionally created video tour of it. You can also build the viewer’s trust if you’re touring them yourself (with your face also showing on the camera). It makes them feel you know the property inside and outside, one of the best real estate marketing strategies.  Doing so, you can also establish your reputation as a listing agent.


One of your most powerful tools is your website. Every good real estate pro must have it.  Apart from a good landing page, though, consider adding a blog section on your website. It works like social media, communicating in a friendly and less formal way to potential home sellers or buyers. Do not go for the commercial blogging strategy, though.

Blogging at least twice a week contributes to the search ranking of your listing. Each week, come up with two featured listings- carefully picked and described – and blog about them.  Blog posts can add value to your overall marketing strategy.

Paid Search Ads

Drive traffic to your listings by using PPC (pay per click).  It can make it easier for you to create an ad copy to target a specific audience if the listings are of similar type and price.


Make sure that your website responds well across platforms – especially on mobile.   Potential buyers spend much time online looking for a property’s information.  Many of them also use their mobile device in doing so. In the recent years was an explosion of mobile device adoption when searching or properties to buy. Do not lose prospects for not having a mobile friendly website.  Benefits including simplicity and accessibility are what mobile marketing does on how to increase traffic to your real estate listings.

Single Property Landing Page or Website

This technique is much suited for luxury or high-end property listings.   While it requires more effort and time, it can improve the listing’s visibility, enhancing its overall reach capacity.  It might also earn more inbound link because of its targeted URL. When using this route, you should have a custom landing page that will send visitor to your listing to attract potential clients.

Property’s Video Tour

Use your mobile phone and record a video of the property. Tour potential buyers virtually to the home you’re selling.  Videos are also indexed by Google and other search engines, so they can improve your traffic.  For the best results, be sure to optimize your content, including its title and description.

How to Drive Traffic to Your Real Estate Listings

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You must also not forget to add keywords in the copy. Finally, send appraisers or buyers to the detailed view page of the property (and that’s on your website).   Viewers can be directed to the relevant page showing the property, not giving them a hard time searching your site over again to look for it.

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Follow these tips and increase traffic to your real estate listings! If you need more advice, feel free contacting me today!

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