Do You Need a Real Estate Agent? Here’s Why You Do

Are you having a real estate transaction but uncertain if you should get the help of a real estate agent? Do you need a real estate agent? Understanding his roles, you will get guidance and make a better decision if you should have one by your side before the transaction.

Do you need a real estate agent

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Do you need a real estate agent?

Whether you’re looking to buy or sell a home, you can meet a bumpy road full of twists and turns. Just imagine a whole lot of processes that you’re unfamiliar with and that can be enough to make you feel confused.  It pays off to have a professional for guidance throughout the entire journey.


An experienced real estate agent will first discuss your needs, budget, preferences, goals and wants when buying a home. He will do an assessment before your first home tour.

It is done to avoid wasting your time by first determining your specifications and requirements.

After all, he will have to find properties suiting those preferences you have told him in the consultation. A good real estate agent will help narrow your choices and find the ideal properties to buy.

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Your local real estate agent will educate you about the real estate market, price ranges and other things he deems valuable for you to know. In the process, you will have better decision-making skills with his guidance. He’ll also teach you the steps involved and inform you about possible challenges to meet along the way.


Do you need a real estate agent?   Yes, and that’s for another reason. He has contacts in your target neighborhoods and knows the homes for sale. Also, he knows local real estate agents that can also lead to smooth transactions in the home buying process. He or she can also refer you to different professionals, including home inspectors, lenders and contractors, among others.

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You should have a real estate agent because one can protect you and look out for your financial interests.  He is an expert who is bound to do what it takes to keep you protected.

With his help, you won’t be in a tricky situation – as like when the same agent will be representing you and the buyer, for instance. Nevertheless, you should work with an agent that can represent you fully.

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Do you need a real estate agent?   Yes, if you want him to handle the details of the process of negotiation – along with the preparation of the offer and forms for the counter offering.

Also, the agent can help with the negotiation for repairs on your behalf.  With his help, you don’t have to keep battling over repair requests, but an agent can negotiate and do the “ask.”


An experienced real estate agent in Maryland, for instance, can look out for any possible pitfalls to prevent a deal from not pushing through.  He can check the house title is clear, the seller disclosed a problem or the lender met the financing deadline.

A good local real estate agent knows what potential problems might arise before the closing, not before when it is too late.  He or she can deal with any challenge as they surface.

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Paperwork management

You will find it exhaustive to do the paperwork involving the real estate transaction by yourself.  All the documents, which are incomplete, will have to be resubmitted, even just by missing to check a box.

A pro real estate agent knows and understands the details, so he can check them for you.  He also knows the deadlines and ways to complete even the most complex documents.

Neighborhood knowledge

Good agents have the knowledge of places to look for the latest buzz about your community.   One can also identify, collect and handle comparable sales data to you.

It is aside from knowledge about the location and places of interest including schools. He also knows demographics and crime rate, and other related statistics about the location.

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He can also answer questions after the closing, regardless how smooth it went. There were some transactions, even when done, can come back to haunt you. In short, there can be more questions to pop up later.

But you don’t have to worry if you have an experienced real estate agent by your side.  He will be ready to assists, not leaving you to handle those things yourself.

Should you hire a real estate agent?

You probably know by now the important reasons to hire a local real estate agent who can be by your side in the entire process even after the closing.

One can negotiate, answer questions and represent you in the entire home buying journey. Also, it is better to work with one to ensure that you get guidance and education on the steps involved, documentations required and challenges that you might meet along the way.