Choosing the Right School Near Your New Home

Are you moving because of your new home?  This stage in your life is one of the most wonderful things to happen for your family, especially for children who will be able to meet people and discover things with new friends – in their new school. The big question now is, “how do you start choosing the right school near your home?”

Choosing the Right School Near Your New Home

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How to Choose the Right School Near Your New Home

Several factors go into choosing your new home – layout, size, cost and number of bedrooms, along with other factors. But if you’re a parent, you should also consider the home’s nearness to schools as well as what those are. Check out the following for the basic factors to consider when choosing a school for your children.

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School community

One of the factors to consider when finding the right school for your kids is its community. Does it have an involved community with many parent volunteers? Do they seem to put importance on the same things just like yours?   Choosing a school where the parents are also sharing your values matter although this is not the most essential factor to look into but something worth considering.


It also matters when selecting the right school when you have transferred to your new home in Ocean City Communities, for instance.  There are many places to look for information on school ratings, such as the educational board and websites that can help you compare ratings along with prices and other things you msay want to know about the schools, such as graduation rates and test scores.

School information

When looking for the right school, it also pays off to check for detailed information about them so that you will be able to make a better comparison later.

  • What athletics and activities do they offer?
  • Do they have awards and recognitions?
  • Who is their faculty?
  • What is their graduation rate?
  • What is their school community like?
  • Do they have scholarship programs?
  • Do they have additional educational programs?
  • Do the schools have tech or career campuses, which can help students and make them job ready?

For the complete information about each school, you may also want to visit their official websites to compare and weigh your options well.


You should also think long-term when choosing the right school near a new home. Remember that the school must be preparing your kids for graduation and being accepted into college.   They should also succeed in their chosen professional fields.  All these things must be considered when selecting the right school near home.

Choosing the Right School Near Your New Home

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Whether you select a private or a public school, you must also consider the commute of your kid to school.  There are schools not offering transportation, but those that offer charge extra fees if they do. In any case, you should ensure that your child would have an efficient and safe way of getting to and from their school.

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More tips

Pay personal visits to the schools in the community

Moving to a new home and choosing a school, you should also allot some time in visiting the schools to check them and have a feel of the surroundings.  You might also want to look into the classrooms, have a feel of their services, including staffs and teachers, and look into the cleanliness around.

Talk to parents

You can also talk to and ask some parents in the new neighborhood about their personal experiences.  Find out if they are happy as to their children’s performance and if they have had any issues with principals and teachers.  Also, know their feedback about certain schools and find out if they would recommend those schools to you.

Think beyond the numbers

The education department of every state publishes a report card for each school and district.  However, you should not choose a school just for its teacher-to-student ratios and test scores.

Also, the experts revealed that these scores are for math and English, and they do not reveal information about music or art programs and ways a school is teaching critical thinking skills. So in that sense, you might not be able to figure out the best school based only on reputation and statistics. Instead of factoring only test scores and statistics, go for the school that fits your kid.

Moving to a new home and choosing the right school

Choosing the best school for your children, you should make the right decision because their education is one of the aspects of planning their future. Nevertheless, you should think long-term, weigh your options well and do your homework when looking for the best school in the community. Follow these tips and make the process smoother and easier for you.

There you have our guide when choosing the right school near new home in Maryland. If you need more advice and recommendation, feel free contacting me today!