How to Choose a Real Estate Agent in Ocean City MD

Are you looking for ways on how to choose a real estate agent because you are buying or selling a condominium, apartment or house and lot? Everyone wants to deal with the best, and it’s obvious. But with the saturated real estate market, it’s not easy to cut through the hype and find the best.  To help you get started, we’ve compiled the easiest ways on how to choose a real estate agent in Ocean City and Maryland.

How to Choose a Real  Estate Agent

How to Choose a Real Estate Agent

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Trainings and specialties – they matter when picking agents.  Some of them even have additional trainings/seminars in other real estate aspects. A list of such credentials is a sign that he is taking his job seriously with the additional classes per specific category of sales.

  • For example, is he a Certified Residential Specialist? A CRS received additional training in selling residential properties.
  • Or maybe he’s an Accredited Buyer’s Representative (ABR)? If the real estate agent is, he/she has completed an additional training in representing a buyer in a transaction.
  • Now for agents calling himself a Realtor, he means that he’s a NAR member, who supports and complies with the Code of Ethics.

Past clients

When narrowing your options and choosing an agent, you have to ask him or her for a list of the properties listed and sold in the past months or year along with the contact details of clients who you can refer to find out if they were particularly pleased or disappointed with the agent. Also, ask them about the asking price and selling price.

If you’re a seller, you might also want to ask if the listed properties were just like yours – including its location, important features and PRICE.

The reason is that you want to know if the real estate agent in Ocean City is specializing in the type of property you’re selling.

Don’t forget to ask the length of time that the listing stayed on the market as well.


Know that real estate agents are regulated – and licensed in each state. You might want to check that with your state’s regulating body, so you will know if the real estate agent has a license or if he/she has pending cases – including complaints and disciplinary actions.


Realtor of the Year and any other realtor/real estate agent awards count! Pick a winner who was judged by his peers or by the local/state branch of NAR. An award is a huge plus and endorsement, so it must not be missed.


Research online and look for his listings.  Start with his website as well as on other top sources, such as

One tip: Look for a real estate agent that can use the internet in making good presentations of the properties he’s listing. Check out how those are best reflecting what you’re selling or buying.

Find out if the agent is in the same price range and area as well.

Average number of clients

One of the best ways in choosing a real estate agent OC is to find out the average number of clients he has.   Does he still have enough time for your house for sale, for instance? Don’t go for one that will make you feel you’re on the wayside because he is working on more than a dozen of listings or clients.

If the agent is in demand at that, you might also want to ask about how he is planning to attend to you despite the number of clients he currently has, especially if you need additional support.

Perhaps you can also ask if he has team members or better yet a licensed real estate agent assistant.

how to choose a real estate agent ocean city md

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How long has he been in the real estate industry?  You might want to check with the licensing authority for information. Alternatively, you might want to ask that during your meeting with him.

One sign – if he’s not been around for at least five years, chances are he is learning on you, so he might not be the best choice.

But in all cases, look for a real estate agent that is specializing in the price range and a specific location, such as Ocean City.

It is because you want a realtor or real estate agent who has the expertise in the homes and area, such as Berlin.  Ultimately, you’d also want to know his market presence.

Choosing a Real Estate Agent Ocean City

Refer to these tips on how to choose a real estate agent in your area and price range. After all, you deserve the very best!  Ultimately, do not think twice in getting help. I am available for your questions and concerns about buying or selling a home in Ocean City Communities.

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