February 14, 2018

Century 1

century 1

Image Credit: Barefoot

Feel at home to the Century I Condominium! This condominium is at the 99th Street, Coastal Highway and on the oceanfront.  It is one of the tallest buildings in the location and also notable for its distinctive design.

Century 1 Features

The units are occupying two levels; each has a design configuration. For example, there is a service hallway located on every third floor and provides the guests with a bayside balcony and private oceanfront. There are also high-speed service elevators located between the upper floors and the lobby.

Other main features include beach access, bayside view and oceanfront view.   The property also has a fitness center, enclosed swimming pool, saunas, full time security, large parking space, individual luggage and beach elevator and many more. Guests will have the chance to see the sunrise and sunset even from their units.   They will also have a first-class stay with the marble construction and marble ceilings.

If you’re visiting the Ocean City soon, don’t think twice considering the Century I Condominium. It is an ideal accommodation for everyone for its family-friendly amenities, unique features and proximity to the bay and beach.