December 10, 2017

About Jason Miller, Realtor

Leveraging technology and business skills!

During the day, I work for a large enterprise software company, I love it. My wife and I started investing in vacation rentals years ago. We buy them, tweak them, and rent them for people to enjoy.

We’ve grown the business, Weekend Oasis Vacation Rentals, to a point where I pursued my Maryland real estate license. Now, fully licensed as an agent, we continue to invest and grow the business. As a result of that, I am able to help you find a property of your dreams. To do this, I’ve partnered with Keller Williams Gateway in Baltimore as my broker.

With a focus on vacation rentals in Ocean City Maryland, I also have a coverage area that surrounds Phoenix, MD, in Northern Baltimore County.

My goal is to form a strategic partnership with you and help you enjoy the benefits of owning a vacation rental, second home, or a beautiful rural property in Northern Baltimore County.

If you aren’t doing this full time, are you the right fit for me?

True, this is not my full-time job. It’s a supplemental adventure alongside my investments. No disrespect to other agents, but after 15 years of buying real estate, I personally got frustrated with the process.  I knew it could be better. Often times, I felt like my real estate agent was simply unlocking doors for me to see the properties and I did all the work.

This is why I am here today. I spend hours of my free time researching markets, tracking the local vacation rentals, investing and actively renting our own properties. Armed with this knowledge and experience, I am confident you will find my unique style to your advantage along with my ability to connect with my customers, many of whom are busy business professionals during the day. I get your schedule.

How do you have time?

Simple. Just like you are interviewing me, I am interviewing you. I ensure that when we form our strategic partnership, it’s a right fit for both of us. If not, I  leverage other agents at my broker and directly connect you to them. Along with that, I only partner with a handful of customers and investors, to ensure I have adequate time to partner with you and provide the strategic guidance you seek.

Finally, 170+- other agents work at my broker, many of whom I work with on a regular basis and leverage them to participate in my deals. It’s a team effort and I’m helping guide our partnership.

What makes you unique?

The strategy session, which is the foundation of my process. I leverage technology, to start working with you right away. This enables us to actively work together and waste no time. It also maps out a phased approach, so once we start physically looking at properties, we have an agenda and process to see many properties efficiently and properties that make sense.

Experience with vacation rentals … 2002 is the year I purchased my first vacation rental in Linden, VA. Since then, I’ve successfully rented this property as a short-term vacation rental. Navigating the layers of regulation, taxes, local restrictions, and more. This is the knowledge that is critical when you start seeing a vacation rental investment.

Business minded … I’ve helped co-found start-ups, have worked for large fortune 100 companies, and currently work daily at my career in enterprise software. Leveraging all my leadership skills in business will be another asset you will have.

Efficient and responsive … one of the most important factors in closing deals. I have a proven track record with this.

I don’t just sell, I buy … your journey isn’t one that I will help you with, it’s one I have completed myself many times. Why trust someone to “advise you” that never purchased a luxury home? Never purchased multiple vacation rentals? Or doesn’t have a portfolio of property themselves? I get it, from the financials to the specifications you want, and will be your leader to make it happen.

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